The Aeden are one of the few ancient races still in existence. This is due to their raw strength and animalistic cunning rather than any great intelligence.

Any (strong family unit organizations but loose government organization; selfless towards family but selfish towards their own race and other races)

To outsiders, Aeden appear quiet, clumsy, more beast than man. They don’t tolerate nonsense and will glare and growl rather than talking. They have an innate distrust towards those they don’t know. With their own people, Aeden are loud and boisterous although growls and grunts are still a staple of their vocabulary. In addition to verbal communication, they also communicate through subtle body language that other races have difficulty understanding. They are best described as fickle; they’re incredibly loyal to their family but are likely to pursue their self-interest over that of others. They are also incredibly proud and a twisted sense of honor.

Physical Description:
Aeden are large, crude, and ugly. They have gray skin which they rarely wash and dark matted hair worn in a variety of styles ( a proud Aeden generally has a hairstyle that needs to be maintained). Aeden are, on average, the tallest of all races. Adult Aeden typically stand from six and a half feet to over seven feet. They have similar proportions to humans but are generally more muscled. The have a prominent underbite with large protruding teeth, nearly tusks. They have bright yellow eyes with black irises and large pointed ears. Aeden will oftentimes cover themselves in tattoos and frequently have grotesque scars from poorly healed wounds.

Aeden are an ancient race meaning they have existed since the Primeval Age (PA). However, they don’t have a written language. Their history is passed down in the form of song, poems, and legend. The information we know is fragmented at best. In the PA, the Aeden dominated the Great Plains. They were primarily hunters and were the strongest race at the time. During the Age of Awakening(AA) the lands under their control began to shrink as the centaurs forced them out of some of their territories in the south and the Dwarves began to develop technology allowing them to push the Aeden back in the west. It is worth noting that the Aeden families were not yet unified but instead operated as roving fragmented tribes. These tribes would fight anyone they came across regardless of race. As the Aeden were compressed into a smaller area by the centaurs and Dwarves, confrontations with other tribes became increasingly common but eventually, sometime in late AA or during the beginning of the Early Age (EA) a power structure began to emerge. During the EA, the Aeden unified under the first Aedenmater, Baghig aed-Orrakh, who was said to be descended from Gruumsh. We know little of Baghig other than she is known as the original Aedenmater and supposedly has a triangle scar over a socket when an eye should have been. We also know that she was smarter than most Aeden, which isn’t saying much, and unified the tribes through a series of clever, albeit violent, political maneuvers. The tribes of Aeden had become the Aeden nation. Baghig led her people north where they did battle with the Dragonborn. Due to the short lifespan of the Aeden, Baghig died not long after making contact with the dragonborn but her descendants continued to rule the Aeden. The aeden and dragonborn remained in a stalemate for quite some time and the Orrakh family began to lose prestige due to their lack of success in war but the stalemate led to relatively peaceful times. Well into the Age of Unification (AU) the war between the Aeden and Dragonborn consisted of a few raids and skirmishes here and there. Young Aeden would hone their skills hunting and when they were old enough, they would form raiding parties to prove themselves. The ones that returned would be adults and those that didn’t would be forgotten. This tradition remains today. Due to the fact that the Aeden were more or less sedentary, they began to develop building techniques constructing palisades and earthen walls around their settlements. They also developed tanning and leatherworking techniques allowing them to develop crude fur and leather armor. They were able to acquire ugly metal weapons through trade with goblins and weapons from dead Dragonborn slowly trickled into the hands of the Aeden people. Their numbers grew because there were few pitched battles and their new technologies. However, internal squabbling kept them from expanding. Towards the end of the AU, another leader emerged, Ewkbanok aed-Wug, Wugmater. The Wug were a large family who were able to convince a large goblin warg riding tribe to join them. The Wug quickly and brutally dominated the other Aeden families and Ewkbanok aed-Wug became Aedenmater. She uprooted the majority of the Aeden, those fit enough to move quickly, acquired more warg riding goblins and launched a major offensive against the Dragonborn. This consisted of a fast paced march across the north of the continent, the territory held by the Dragonborn, and destroyed everything they came across, killing everyone they encountered. They pushed the Dragonborn all the way to the sea where they began to cross to the island of Osu. Ewkbanok would not let them stop to loot whatever they came across, only allowing the Aeden to take the weapons left by the dead Dragonborn. The Aeden pursued the last of the Dragonborn on the continent to a port stronghold called Otsu where the Dragonborn prepared for siege. The Aeden made crude battering rams and took to destroying the gates as the last of the Dragonborn retreated. As the last of the boats left, the leaders of the Dragonborn clans remained behind with their household warriors to cover the retreating Dragonborn and redeem their honor in the eyes of their species. They Aeden greatly respect this act. Ewkbanok and her family lead the charge against the remaining Dragonborn and many of them were killed, including Aedenmater Ewkbanok. Although the Aeden defeated the Dragonborn, the death of the Aedenmater plunged their species into internal political turmoil

Aeden culture revolves around strength and violence. Because they only live a little more than half a century (if they aren’t killed first), Aedens have a unique perspective on death and dying. They see death as just another part of life and after dying believe they will roam the afterlife hunting and fighting alongside their fallen brothers. Dying in battle brings honor and prestige to one’s living family which determines social status. Aeden are extremely loyal to their kin but generally hold no other loyalties. Unless you share blood with an Aeden, you should not trust them.
Justice is harsh in Aedenhom. Disputes are generally settled through fights, the victor being in the right and the loser usually being dead. To lose one of these duels is dishonorable but not as dishonorable as refusing to participate. If one does refuse to fight, you can expect him to be outcast from his family until he avenges his honor by killing or in some way hurting the other Aeden. Because of the harsh justice system that rules the land, Aeden typically stay in their familial groups.
Politics are primitive. The Aeden familial unit is led by a matriarch (known by the family name followed by mater; e.g. Caelmater, Neitmater ) who in turn pledges the loyalty of her family to the most powerful matriarch alive, known as the Aedenmater. This pledge means little in times of turmoil but are usually kept during peacetime. When pledges are broken, the two families will feud. If the Aedenmater wins, she will replace the current mater with a younger female matriarch. Additionally, she will take the younger members and incorporate them into her family and, in extreme cases, slaughter the entire family unit. If the Aedenmater loses, civil war will break out until a clearly superior family takes power and the Maters are called to pledge their loyalty to the new Aedenmater.
Family units can contain anywhere from a few dozen members to hundreds of members. Squabbles within families are rare and are typically solved by the family’s Mater. If a member of the family has a problem with the Mater, he or she is outcast. If the outcast family member is female, she may take a few close relatives with her and start a new family. If the outcast member is a male, he will typically try to join another family or live in exile, occasionally wandering west and serving as a mercenary for a foreign lord.
Relations with other races:
Aeden rarely encounter races other than centaurs and goblins.

Centaurs occupy much of the land that used to belong to the Aeden and their is a deep rooted hatred between the two. If they encounter one another, you should expect them to do battle. However, they rarely form armies to fight one another, the centaurs having no desire to occupy Aedenhom and the Aeden not having the numbers to defeat the centaurs.

Aeden have amiable relations with Goblins. They engage in some trade and goblins occasionally allow goblins to live in their lands in a sort of feudal relationship. Goblins will sometimes serve as troops in Aeden armies.

Humans and Aeden get along surprisingly well. Both are short lived species and although human culture varies widely, there are certainly some who profit from and even enjoy Aeden culture. Although humans and Aedans don’t typically encounter one another, there are a few humans who live in Aedenhom, serving as blacksmiths, craftsmen, and artisans.

Dwarves and Aeden are sworn enemies. Before they were driven out of their territory by the humans, dwarves and Aeden were in a constant state of warfare with one another.

In the Ancient Age, Celethian Elves were known to hire Aedan mercenary companies. Since then, Celethia has grown in power while the Aedens have lost it. The elves look down upon the Aedens but will offer a grudging acknowledgement of their strength in personal combat.

As the Aedens consolidated their power in the northeast, the encountered the Dragonborn. The dragonborn and the Aeden waged a violent war. Other than a large, brief, and wholly unsuccess invasion attempt by the Aeden, the dragonborn of Ostu have had no relations since leaving the continent. But the two species have a mutual respect for one another

Aeden have no known encounters with either the Halflings or Gnomes other than personal encounters. They typically look down upon the other race and view them as something of an oddity.

Aeden and Hobgoblins view each other as rival races and dislike one another enough to fight if they encounter one another but not enough to go to war.

When the Aeden go to war, the do so as more of a horde than a unified force. The Aedenmater will declare a “march” and all the Aeden will gather to do battle. Aeden move fast and loot and burn everything they come across. They show no quarter and attempt to catch their enemy off guard due to their fast pace assault, rather than relying on tactics. The Aedenmater will occasionally redirect units familial units but will only take real control during sieges.

Physical Description:
Aeden are a large, humanod race, usually standing somewhere between 6 and 7 feet tall. Their skin ranges in color from dark gray, to pale green, to bluish gray. Aeden have dark hair and eyes and are generally lean.

Male Names:
Deneh, Feng, Gell, Henk, Holg, Imsh, Kelh, Krusk, Mhurren, Ront. Shump. Thokk

Female Names:
Baggi, Emen, Engong. Kansif. Myev. Neega. Ovak, Ownka, Shaulha, Sulha. Vola, Volen, Yevelda

Aeden Traits

  • Ability Score Increases: Your Strength increases by 2.
  • Age: Aeden don’t usually live to be much older than 50.
  • Size: Aeden are size Medium.
  • Speed: Aeden move at a speed of 30 feet.
  • Language: Aeden can speal Aed and some can may speak Common


  • Hillborn
    Ability Score Increase. +1 Dex
    Born Hunter: You gain proficiency with Javelins and Slings
    Natural Stalker: You gain +2 to Stealth
    Superior Darkvision: You can see in dim light within 120 feet of you as if it were bright light, and in darkness as if it were dim light. You can’t discern color in darkness, only shades of gray.
  • Battleborn
    Ability Score Increase: +1 Con
    Aggressive: Once per short rest, as a bonus action you can move up to your speed towards a hostile creature more then 5ft away that you can see.
    Battle Ready. Proficiency with great axes and great swords
    Savage Attacks :When you roll a critical hit with a melee weapon, you can roll one of the weapon dice again and add it to the total.
  • Ogreborn
    Ability Score Increase: +1 Con
    Powerful Build: You count as one size larger when determining your carrying capacity and the weight you can push, drag, or lift.
    Display of Strength: You gain proficiency in the Intimidation skill and you can use your strength modifier instead of your charisma modifier for intimidation checks.
    Tough: When you are reduced to 0 hit points but are not killed out right, you can drop to 1 hp instead. Can only be used once per long rest.
  • Waterborn:
    Ability Score Increase +1 Dex
    Waterborn You can hold your breath for twice the normal amount then that of a normal Aeden while underwater and your base walking speed is reduced to 25 feet but you gain 25 feet swim speed.
    Natural Water Hunters: You gain proficiency with Tridents and Nets, the DC to escape your Nets and the Nets AC is also increased by your proficiency bonus.
    Natural Fisher You gain proficiency in the survival skill. You also have advantage on Wisdom(survival) checks to find food by or in a water source such as a lake, river or the ocean.
    Fire Weakness: You have disadvantage all saving throws against spells and spell-like abilities with the fire descriptor or used by creatures from the Elemental Plane of Fire.


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