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You climb the steps of a simple yet solidly built temple. The foundation appears to be old stonework perfectly connected without mortar. The stones on top of the foundation, although skillfully laid, look poor in comparison. You pull open a large, well balanced iron door and step into a dark, tiered room that smells of leather and mahogany. Father_Tamikos.jpg The room is tiered and filled with glowing orbs, shedding light in small spheres. A short old man, who appears to be a half-elf, shuffles towards you.

“Hello, my name is Father Tamikos. Welcome to the temple of Callo Androno, a repository for knowledge. How may I help you?

“Oh, you wish to know more about our wonderful world, Aeta? Where do I even begin? Aeta is a wonderful place filled with magic and plenty of things to discover. We’re on the continent of Cathal but who knows how many there are? New discoveries have led to knew conflict. Who knows what will happen!? The tale is yet to be written.” He smiles, “You might even be the one to write it…”

“You want to know more? Well I believe I can help point you in the right direction at least.”

He gestures around the room.

“What did you want to know more about?”

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